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A biomarker is normally a term for something present in your body that may indicate disease, like a certain protein or molecule. The Nottingham group will be identifying biomarkers by looking at proteins in the bloodstream of Alzheimer’s patients in comparison to a control group of healthy older people. An interview with Dr KazazianCurrently, identification of Alzheimer’s disease is difficulty and delays in analysis can mean that irreversible harm to the brain has already occurred before treatment could be given. Doctors believe that catching the disease in its first stages and beginning treatment is a more effective approach. Professor Kevin Morgan in The University of Nottingham’s School of Molecular Medical Sciences, said: A reliable, accurate test to recognize affected individuals means future treatments could possibly be given much previously when drugs are likely to be most effective.When both growth elements were used together, these cells produced a level of bone, as soon as two weeks after surgery, that was indistinguishable from organic bone in its appearance and mechanical properties, the experts say. ‘Using this combination allows us to not merely have accelerated proliferation 1st, but facilitates setting up some vascular tissue also, which provides a path for both stem cells and the precursor osteoblasts and other players to get in and do their jobs.