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Cardiac Cath Lab Director: New bimonthly journal from SAGE In February 2011 by SAGE Cardiac Cath Laboratory Director is a new bimonthly journal being launched, the world’s leading independent educational and professional publisher. It’s the established journal of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals Members of the ACP are looking forward to the new Cardiac Cath Lab Director, stated Peggy McElgunn, Executive Director of The ACP sildenafil-tablets.html . There has never been even more of a dependence on timely, relevant, and peer-reviewed information because the complexity of cardiovascular health care coupled with the pace of practice in today’s environment demand information for quality delivery of solutions and support.

Dr. Bhatia says he now wants to forever stay in practice. Dr. Varughese, who practices what is known as Preventive and Interventional Cardiology, focuses on that: the avoidance and intervention of cardiac incidence. She does this through condition of the creative art analysis and preventative treatments, testing, nutrition and exercise. Dr. Varughese is supported also in her endeavor to provide exceptional procedural care for her patients by her associate Dr. Kozhaya Sokhon who provides to the mix of physician’s top quality procedural techniques including that of vascular stenting and electro physiologic evaluation and intervention. Advanced lipid lab tests are sent to what she considers among the best labs in the national country, which is located in Boston, where they do extensive testing on the blood to evaluate the genetic tendency toward vascular disease which allows Dr.