Epilepsy is usually a brain disorder due to abnormal or excessive activity in the brain&39.

Three clinical studies in which individuals with partial epilepsy had been randomly assigned to get Aptiom or placebo demonstrated that Aptiom works well in reducing the rate of recurrence of seizures. The most typical unwanted effects reported by patients receiving Aptiom in medical trials included dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, headache, double-eyesight, vomiting, fatigue and loss of coordination. These and other unwanted effects and tips for monitoring are explained in the drug label. Like other antiepileptic medicines, Aptiom could cause suicidal thoughts or activities in a very few people.‘Therefore, it would be not as likely for a customer of celebrity mass media to check with a pal or relative before changing a health behavior predicated on a mass-mediated message. The current presence of a celebrity in a health story could provide as that interpersonal contact for the reader.’ Hinnant says individuals in her research demonstrated how they took superstar health behaviors seriously, weighing the moral implications and mitigating situations of a celebrity’s existence before judging a wellness behavior.