Skills Summary

I am constantly exploring the marketplace for a potential position that can utilize my experience and background. Specifically, I am looking for a position in education, sales, support of software products where I can use my ability to communicate with other people as well as my technical abilities working with computers.

Employment History


Western State College, Gunnison, CO                1997-2003

For the past couple of years, I have been teaching computer related classes for Continuing Education at Western State College. My curriculum consists of Introduction to Windows 95/98, Introduction to Microsoft Word,Introduction to Excel, Introduction to Computers and Introduction to the Internet.


The PC Help Desk, Gunnison, CO                    1993-Present

  • The primary focal point is helping people accomplish whatever it is they are trying to accomplish. This concentrates first on the equipment the customer currently owns. Many people just need to know how to use what they currently have.
  • Second, some customers are trying to do more with their computer than it was originally designed to do. In this case, I will help them upgrade their existing system to take it to a level that will meet their needs and allow them to accomplish what they are looking to do.
  • Finally, some people feel they are ready to buy a computer, but have no idea where to start. With the number of companies out there trying to sell you a computer, which one do you buy? I can sit down with a customer and analyze their needs and help them buy the right computer for the job. Once they buy a computer, I can help them learn how to actually use it to accomplish their needs.


University of Texas, Austin, TX                        1994-1996

I served as mentor for classes offered by the University of Texas to individuals interested in learning the latest technology concerning software development. These classes were a fourteen month long program entitled Software Project Management Workshop.

Senior Instructor

International Business Machines, Austin, TX    1985-1993

Instructor responsible for developing and conducting classes on IBM’s RISC System/6000 line of computers. This work involved not only the development of the course material used in the class, but the installation and maintenance of the equipment needed for the class. Two classrooms were set up using the latest equipment available. These classrooms were networked together so students could experience the full power of the RISC System/6000 and the AIX Operating System. It was necessary to constantly upgrade the configuration on these systems as changes to the operating system and/or hardware became available. This required an extensive knowledge of the system administrative capabilities of AIX.

Software Engineering Instructor

International Business Machines, Dallas, TX        1980-1985

Software Engineering Instructor with the Software Engineering Institute responsible for training IBM programmers across the country in the latest software engineering concepts.

Software Engineering Instructor

International Business Machines, Manassas, VA    1978-1980

One of a small elite group of people who developed and taught software engineering principles to programmers and management in IBM’s Federal System Division.

Staff Programmer

International Business Machines, Manassas, VA    1973-1978

Programmer responsible for writing diagnostic programs for sonar equipment on Navy submarines.


International Business Machines, Houston, TX        1972-1973

Programmer responsible for the development and maintenance of the Display Retrieval And Formatting Technique (DRAFT) system. This system was used by NASA to develop all the screens used in the space program.

Customer Engineer

International Business Machines, Poughkeepsie, NY    1966-1972

Customer engineer responsible for correcting problems at the customer location dealing with a wide range of IBM equipment.

Final Test Technician

International Business Machines, Poughkeepsie, NY    1965-1966

Final test technician responsible for final assembly and test of the IBM System/360 Model 50 prior to shipment to customer location.


LaSalle Extension University

Chicago, IL

Computer Programming


Web Design


References available upon request.