The PC Help Desk can help you get the software you need in order to accomplish what you want in the most efficient way possible.  We can then help you install that software and configure it for your system.

Key Benefits

  • Many computers come with software already installed, but finding new software to install on your system can be a long tedious process. The PC Help Desk can help you locate the software you need.
  • Obtaining the software you need is only half the battle.  You must get it installed and configured for your system. The PC Help Desk can help in this area as well.


Although we haven’t used all software, we have contacts and can get you just about anything you are looking for.  If you have no idea what you are looking for, we can analyze your needs and make recommendations.

Reference Accounts

Although we have numerous contacts for software, the following are perhaps the most frequently used.

Microsoft is perhaps the number one choice when it comes to software.  Windows is the operating system of choice on over 90% of the computers in the world today and the other software products offered by Microsoft help people to be productive on their computer quickly.