I do Windows!

(95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7)


The name of my company, The PC Help Desk, came from my desire to help others with their PC problems.


You can make a payment to The PC Help Desk through your PayPal account or using your credit card by clicking on the following link:


I established The PC Help Desk to provide personal computer assistance to the community whether the need is hardware, software or education. Rather than maintaining a store and incurring the expense involved in doing so, I prefer to visit my customers sort of like an old country doctor – I make house calls. Specifically, the mission of my company is comprised of three parts:

  • The primary focal point is helping people accomplish whatever it is they are trying to accomplish. This concentrates first on the equipment the customer currently owns. Many people just need to know how to use what they currently have.
  • Second, some customers are trying to do more with their computer than it was originally designed to do. In this case, I will help them upgrade their existing system to take it to a level that will meet their needs and allow them to accomplish what they are looking to do.
  • Finally, some people feel they are ready to buy a computer, but have no idea where to start. With the number of companies out there trying to sell you a computer, which one do you buy? I can sit down with a customer and analyze their needs and help them buy the right computer for the job. Once they buy a computer, I can help them learn how to actually use it to accomplish their needs.


I am an individual who is quite knowledgeable about computers striving to help others who are struggling with the computer revolution. When you call The PC Help Desk, you will be dealing with me and no one else. My business is small and personal. I can help you with hardware, software or education needs.

The major benefit of dealing with The PC Help Desk, according to my customers is that I deal with people one-on-one and help people understand what they want to know about their computer(s). People appreciate this personal service.

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And also have developed a straightforward tool for identifying individuals at risky.

Australian, Vietnamese experts develop basic tool for identifying individuals at risky of Type 2 diabetes Australian and Vietnamese experts have estimated the existing prevalence of Type 2 diabetes in Vietnam, and also have developed a straightforward tool for identifying individuals at risky. Often set off by sedentary lifestyles and high-fat or high-sugar diet plans, diabetes is definitely a condition where in fact the physical body becomes much less in a position to make and make use of insulin, a hormone that decreases sugar in the bloodstream by shifting it into cells for energy make use of. The new study discovered that the prevalence in Vietnamese of undiagnosed diabetes is approximately 11 percent for guys and 12 percent for females – furthermore to approximately 4 percent of the populace already identified as having diabetes tadalafil sildenafil for sale online http://sildalist.org/sildalis-online.html . Continue reading

Are you a meals addict?

Are you a meals addict? Two fresh studies explore how some people may be addicted to your favorite foods. Among the most addictive products, unsurprisingly, are chocolate, chips and cookies. The study also suggests particular types of food may get people hooked the same manner as heroin and cocaine. Take this abbreviated version of the Yale Food Addiction Scale survey, provided to CBS Information by one of its creators, Ashley Gearhardt, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at University of Michigan, to see if you are showing symptoms of food addiction.. Continue reading

Canker Sores Have you ever had a canker sore?

How Can You Prevent Canker Sores? There’s no guaranteed way to avoid canker sores, but it’s wise to consume healthy, get enough sleep, and do not get too upset or worried. Put canker sores on the list of things you don’t have to worry about. They harm for a time, but before you know it, you will be a sore loser!. Canker Sores Have you ever had a canker sore? If therefore, you know these small mouth area sores could cause major pain. You can get a canker sore on the inside of your cheek or lip, under your tongue or at the base of your gums. Usually canker sores form one at a time inside your mouth, but you will get more than one in just a little cluster. Continue reading

Are You VULNERABLE TO Contracting Gestational Diabetes?

Are You VULNERABLE TO Contracting Gestational Diabetes? Gestational diabetes is certainly a condition which women who previously had not been diagnosed previously with diabetes start exhibiting high blood glucose during their pregnancy priligy-online.html http://priligyreview.net/priligy-online.html . This type of diabetes is usually diagnosed between your 24th and 28th week of a woman’s pregnancy. It really is caused when the woman’s insulin receptors do not function properly. Many women who suffer from gestational diabetes are worried that their pregnancy and delivery might not be smooth extremely. This is simply not necessary as if they follow the gestational diabetes treatment plan provided by their doctor and keep their blood sugar under control, they must have a successful delivery. Continue reading

Which is derived from the marijuana plant.

It is now possible to acquire Sativex by prescription through Canadian pharmacies. British drug company GW Pharmaceuticals, created the medication which is marketed in Canada by Bayer Health care. Health Canada, the federal government agency that oversees medical care for Canadians, approved Sativex in April. Sativex is made from components produced from the cannabis plant which have been shown to ease pain. Continue reading

Law enforcement say guy attacked girlfriend with banana As Robin Williams personality in Mrs.

Makes you question if he threatened deputies with a Florida orange. Or simply a prickly pineapple: He had been held without relationship Thursday, jail information showed. It had been unknown whether a lawyer is had by him. When deputies taken care of immediately Smolinsky’s Port Richey house, his live-in girlfriend informed them he previously thrown a banana at her, WFLA reported. Smolinsky denied the accusation and stated she acquired thrown the banana at him. Upon further investigation, nevertheless, deputies found damning proof. Officers discovered that the girlfriend’s encounter was slightly reddish where she informed them she was struck by the assault banana, relating to an arrest affidavit. And deputies discovered the actual little bit of fruit in the garbage later on; elements of the peel had been discovered on the floor aswell. Continue reading

BioMimetic Therapeutics reports third quarter total revenues of $0.

The allowed statements of the next patent application covers ways of improving bone augmentation in an individual through the use of PDGF compositions coupled with matrix components having defined features, including Augment Injectable, so when issued will remain in effect until December 2026. An interview with Professor Lesley JonesLiposomal sizing and the Coulter theory: an interview with Professor Melvin E. Continue reading

The scholarly study.

Bilateral cochlear implants: A case when two are superior to one A report of cochlear implant sufferers seen by Indiana University College of Medicine physicians may be the first research showing evidence that cochlear implants in both ears significantly improves standard of living in individuals with profound hearing reduction and that the expense of the next implant is offset by its benefits http://www.le-priligy.com . The scholarly study, which shows up in the May problem of the journal Otolaryngology-Mind and Neck Surgery, discovered that improvements in elements that donate to standard of living including such critical skills as hearing in noisy conditions, concentrating on conversations, and speaking at a proper quantity resulted when cochlear gadgets had been implanted in both ears. Continue reading

Cervical Cancer Follow-up Regular pelvic Pap and examinations smears are essential for every woman.

For this reason, a woman should continue steadily to have regular checkups and really should report any health issues that appear.. Cervical Cancer Follow-up Regular pelvic Pap and examinations smears are essential for every woman. These tests are believe it or not important for a woman who provides been treated for precancerous changes or for malignancy of the cervix. Follow-up care will include a full pelvic evaluation, Pap smear, and other testing as indicated on a regular schedule recommended by the gynecologist.These precautions are necessary to allow early detection if the cancer return.Cancer treatment may cause side effects a long time later. Continue reading

To time it has been difficult to pin down the role of irritation in Alzheimers disease.

Experts from the University of Zurich, in collaboration with colleagues from the ETH Zurich and University of Bern investigated what influence immune system challenges could have on the advancement of AD in mice. Outcomes showed that a single infection before birth was more than enough to induce long-term neurological changes and significant memory problems at later years. If this immune system problem was repeated during adulthood the result was strongly exacerbated, resulting in changes similar to those seen for pathological aging.. Chronic inflammation can predispose the mind to develop Alzheimer’s disease Analysis published today in Biomed Central’s open gain access to journal Journal of Neuroinflammation shows that chronic inflammation may predispose the brain to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading