I do Windows!

(95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7)


The name of my company, The PC Help Desk, came from my desire to help others with their PC problems.


You can make a payment to The PC Help Desk through your PayPal account or using your credit card by clicking on the following link:


I established The PC Help Desk to provide personal computer assistance to the community whether the need is hardware, software or education. Rather than maintaining a store and incurring the expense involved in doing so, I prefer to visit my customers sort of like an old country doctor – I make house calls. Specifically, the mission of my company is comprised of three parts:

  • The primary focal point is helping people accomplish whatever it is they are trying to accomplish. This concentrates first on the equipment the customer currently owns. Many people just need to know how to use what they currently have.
  • Second, some customers are trying to do more with their computer than it was originally designed to do. In this case, I will help them upgrade their existing system to take it to a level that will meet their needs and allow them to accomplish what they are looking to do.
  • Finally, some people feel they are ready to buy a computer, but have no idea where to start. With the number of companies out there trying to sell you a computer, which one do you buy? I can sit down with a customer and analyze their needs and help them buy the right computer for the job. Once they buy a computer, I can help them learn how to actually use it to accomplish their needs.


I am an individual who is quite knowledgeable about computers striving to help others who are struggling with the computer revolution. When you call The PC Help Desk, you will be dealing with me and no one else. My business is small and personal. I can help you with hardware, software or education needs.

The major benefit of dealing with The PC Help Desk, according to my customers is that I deal with people one-on-one and help people understand what they want to know about their computer(s). People appreciate this personal service.

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The most vulnerable of the populace to the condition.

Dr. John Carlo can be worried the virus isn’t done yet. ‘We’re really going to take into account what the rest of the winter will likely be like,’ Carlo told LaPook. ‘We have to be ready for after that happen in February and March.’ CDC officials also stated Thursday that American Indians and Alaska Natives have died from swine flu for a price four times greater than other Americans. In a scholarly research of swine flu deaths in 12 states, researchers discovered that 42 American Indians and Alaska Natives in those claims passed away of swine flu or its complications. Continue reading

Celebrate World Toilet Day and help flush out poverty Us citizens take their bathrooms for granted.

From 2008, ChildFund helped Nam Phong, a village of 3,600 in Vietnam, construct latrines and drinking water supply systems. Community users were also taught to adopt hygienic practices, which helped tidy up streams and roads in the grouped community. In Asia, ChildFund constructed a grouped community bathroom and provided hygiene trained in Timor-Leste, where 70 % of individuals have no usage of sanitary bathrooms. An initiative to set up latrines in elementary colleges in Mexico provides learners privacy and protection, increasing their likelihood of residing in school. Girls specifically are less inclined to attend college if right now there are no bathrooms. Improved sanitation in academic institutions, better usage of clean water and knowledge about preventing waterborne disease helps ensure the health and development of the world’s children, Bouchie said. Continue reading

A biopharmaceutical company developing targeted RNAi therapeutics.

The primary objective of the study is to judge the depth and duration of HBsAg decline in response to an individual dose of ARC-520 in conjunction with entecavir. Secondary objectives include evaluation of protection and tolerability and pharmacokinetic measures. Additional exploratory pharmacodynamics objectives consist of evaluation of the effect of ARC-520 on HBV DNA serum titers and antibodies to HBsAg .. Arrowhead receives approval to initiate Phase 2a clinical trial of ARC-520 for chronic HBV infection Arrowhead Research Company , a biopharmaceutical company developing targeted RNAi therapeutics, today announced that it received regulatory acceptance to begin a Stage 2a clinical trial of ARC-520, its RNAi-based drug candidate for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus an infection. Continue reading

Cardiac ultrasound imaging.

Cardiac ultrasound imaging goes handheld noninvasive imaging offers revolutionized the diagnosis of the most common cardiac diseases such as for example valve problems and cardiovascular system disease amoxicillin what is it for http://amoxil.net . Furthermore, imaging techniques are developing quickly and we anticipate that noninvasive imaging will gain additional importance in the treating cardiac sufferers. Cardiac ultrasound imaging, known as echocardiography also, has been challenged by several fresh imaging methods. However, echocardiography has unique characteristics that make it very attractive: it is cheap, can be done bedside and without ionizing radiation. Continue reading

According to researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg.

Nevertheless, to be able to function properly, this system needs sufficient levels of the enzyme to end up being stored in the vessel wall structure. Unfortunately these stores tend to be depleted because of hereditary and lifestyle elements, such as high blood pressure, smoking and overweight, which probably escalates the risk of a heart attack. Related StoriesMD Anderson study reveals why chemotherapy medicines not effective for many pancreatic cancer patientsSausages With Antioxidants From Berries TO AVOID CancerViralytics enters into scientific trial collaboration agreement with MSDNew ways of preventing heart attack Experts at the University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy have already been looking at a way to stimulate the clot-dissolving program. Continue reading

Predicated on a GFP-aequorin fusion proteins.

The Drosophila is a wonderful model for the scholarly research of ageing and longevity, because it has been proven that flies endowed with a mutation of the insulin receptor live a lot longer. It is also feasible to exploit the effective genetic equipment of the Drosphila to review and evaluate these maps in flies bearing different mutations, or in flies which provide as models for a number of human being pathologies, such as for example Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson ‘s Huntingdon or disease, or in the context of a pharmacological strategy regarding dependence on different drugs .. Continue reading

Its tentacles are extending further into the privacy of an incredible number of Americans.

Cellular phone companies see huge rise in surveillance requests from law enforcement As the police state Leviathan grows ever bigger, its tentacles are extending further into the privacy of an incredible number of Americans, aided in large part by technology that enhances our lives simultaneously it is being utilized to dismantle our civil liberties. The latest disturbing example of this tendency is usually manifested in a statistic released by cellular phone carriers, within a congressional inquiry tablet by cipla http://suhagra100mg.net/suhagra-online.html . They report that U.S. Police agencies made 1.3 million requests for the phone records of cellular phone customers, adding that such requests have already been increasing steadily. Continue reading

And because many of these people have been vaccinated for the flu this season already.

This same record admits that flu vaccines are just about 60 % effective at avoiding the flu also, based on infection rates recently. Flu vaccine is less than two % effective actually, based on the figuresBut as we reported back 2011, the info the CDC is normally using to claim even a 60 % effectiveness price for the flu shot is largely misinterpreted. Only about 2.7 in 100 adults gets the flu every season on average, based on the Lancet published meta-analyses that the CDC is referring to using its 60 % effectiveness claim. But when you bring in vaccines into the picture, that number only drops by 1.5 %. Continue reading

Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis If a kid has problems that suggest cerebral palsy.

Electroencephalography is important in the analysis of seizure disorders. A higher index of suspicion is necessary to be able to detect nonconvulsive or minimally convulsive seizures. That is a potentially treatable reason behind a CP-look-alike, which is easier to take care of when treated early.Electromyography and nerve conduction studies may be helpful in distinguishing CP from additional muscles or nerve disorders.. Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis If a kid has problems that suggest cerebral palsy, she or he will undergo a very thorough evaluation. Continue reading

Our study has demonstrated a bulk of people.

Buttock injections usually do not provide proper dose Women may not be obtaining the most out of vaccines and other injections, according to a report presented at the annual conference of the Radiological Culture of North America . ‘Our study has demonstrated a bulk of people, women especially, are not obtaining the proper dosage from injections to the buttocks,’ stated lead writer Victoria O stendra instructions . Chan, M.B., registrar in the clinical medicine section of The Meath and Adelaide Medical center in Dublin, Ireland. ‘There is no question that weight problems is the underlying cause,’ Dr. Continue reading