I do Windows!

(95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7)


The name of my company, The PC Help Desk, came from my desire to help others with their PC problems.


You can make a payment to The PC Help Desk through your PayPal account or using your credit card by clicking on the following link:


I established The PC Help Desk to provide personal computer assistance to the community whether the need is hardware, software or education. Rather than maintaining a store and incurring the expense involved in doing so, I prefer to visit my customers sort of like an old country doctor – I make house calls. Specifically, the mission of my company is comprised of three parts:

  • The primary focal point is helping people accomplish whatever it is they are trying to accomplish. This concentrates first on the equipment the customer currently owns. Many people just need to know how to use what they currently have.
  • Second, some customers are trying to do more with their computer than it was originally designed to do. In this case, I will help them upgrade their existing system to take it to a level that will meet their needs and allow them to accomplish what they are looking to do.
  • Finally, some people feel they are ready to buy a computer, but have no idea where to start. With the number of companies out there trying to sell you a computer, which one do you buy? I can sit down with a customer and analyze their needs and help them buy the right computer for the job. Once they buy a computer, I can help them learn how to actually use it to accomplish their needs.


I am an individual who is quite knowledgeable about computers striving to help others who are struggling with the computer revolution. When you call The PC Help Desk, you will be dealing with me and no one else. My business is small and personal. I can help you with hardware, software or education needs.

The major benefit of dealing with The PC Help Desk, according to my customers is that I deal with people one-on-one and help people understand what they want to know about their computer(s). People appreciate this personal service.

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Not only is the region responsible and liable to the people of Peel.

Way too many people are getting sick, she said following Hasan’s presentation. Studies find fluoride to become a neurotoxin In a recently available online poll by retail golf club huge Costco, Paul Connett, co-author of The Case Against Fluoride and the director of the Fluoride Actions Network argued that nearly 100 % of Europe’s drinking water was fluoride-free. Many countries in the world usually do not fluoridate their water. Yet, tooth decay provides been decreasing as fast in non-fluoridated countries as in fluoridated ones, according to a global Health Organization study, he said. Connett added: It really is a poor medical practice to utilize the water supply to provide medicine. You cannot control the dose or who gets the medication, and it violates the individual’s right to educated consent to treatment. Continue reading

So-called orphan medicines.

This would have had a profound effect on kids. Many pediatric patients depend on drugs that might not be widely used for the overall population but are essential to pediatric treatment. Without the orphan medication discount beneath the 340B program, Children’s Hospitals and Treatment centers of Minnesota could have had to pay $1.5 million more per year for these critical remedies. The drugs that had been designated as orphan medications are accustomed to treat a wide variety of conditions such as ARTHRITIS RHEUMATOID, Crohn’s Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, immune deficiency, and various types of cancer. The 340B discounts are essential for children’s hospitals who treat large numbers of low income individuals like we do, stated Alan L. Continue reading

Announced today that its leader officer.

Biodel’s VIAject insulin Stage 3 study leads to be presented in international diabetes meeting in Basel Biodel, Inc www.apcalis-sx.net/generic-tadalafil-vs-cialis.html . announced today that its leader officer, Dr. Dr. Provides announced that it’s been awarded U.S. Patent #: 7341062 for a strategy to repair broken myocardium by a combined mix of cell transplantation and electrostimulation. The award of the patent brings to a lot more than 100 the amount of related patents and patents pending to that your company holds privileges. Continue reading

Abstract: Cardiac arrhythmias tend to be connected with mutations in ion channels or other proteins.

We assessed the effect of neuronal silencing about spontaneous pumping first. S2), significantly decreased the pump rate on food . Nevertheless, upon optogenetic pacing . Therefore, neuronal malfunction, that could be effected by mutations in genes we try to test in pharynx muscle, but which may also have an effect on neuronal function, didn’t influence optogenetic pacing of pharynx muscle tissue.Body 3: The pharyngeal nervous system will not impact EPG parameters during optogenetically paced pumping. Schematic depicting transgenic pharynxes found in experiments in . The pharynx expresses ChR2 in PMCs and cholinergic pharyngeal neurons exhibit halorhodopsin . Compared is normally frequency before or after yellow light .Full size imageMutations in the EGL-19 L-type voltage gated Ca. Continue reading

Love and hips handles.

The second method can be to buttock implants are silicone implants which can be inserted in to the buttocks. Implementations of the greatest buttock are happy for folks or women who’ve very little fat which you can use for butt augmentation treatment. The fat transfer approach to Brazilian Butt Lift typically includes a lower threat of infection in comparison with the end implements the task. Also with all the approach to fat transfer region where it requires fat is currently leaner aspect aswell. This procedure is conducted under general anesthesia at our medical focus on an outpatient basis. Advantages of the procedure of the Brazilian Butt lift by the cosmetic surgeon carrying out liposuction in the areas around the buttocks to create them seem even more stressed. Continue reading

Biotage extends peptide synthesis study collaboration with University of Copenhagen Biotage.

A milestone is usually marked by This advancement in the pioneering smartbeam laser beam technology, designed and manufactured exclusively by Bruker for unmatched efficiency in MALDI mass spectrometry.g. The new autoflex acceleration enhances the capabilities and reach of MALDI-TOF and TOF/TOF, and makes innovative technology readily available and accessible – also for non-mass-spec-experts. However, there is a chance for increased risk for females with benign breast disease or for tumors that are hormone-receptor negative or bigger than 2 centimeters. Caffeine is the mostly consumed drug worldwide probably, present in coffee, tea, chocolate plus some medications, according to background info in the article. Continue reading

California cop killer is large enthusiast of Piers Morgan.

I hold a lot of you in the same regard as Tom Brokaw and the later Peter Jennings. It’s hard to such as a crazed killer of innocent men and women, but many in the mass media appear to like Christopher Dorner because they are shielding him by protecting those he’s associating with. The technology shall mask the most challenging, unpleasant and bitter tasting pharmaceutical active ingredients. Under the conditions of the license, Catalent shall total transfer of the technology into its world class, cGMP facilities to aid produce of novel dosage forms such as for example its Zydis – fast dissolve system. Continue reading

Asbestos Cover-Up History reveals that through the years.

Some researchers were fired because of more findings affirming the link. W.R. Grace in 1972 cemented its cover-up when it stated in an inner memorandum that it stands by its plan not to inform anyone about the dangers. Union Carbide in 1973 advised its workers to tell its customers about asbestos not becoming carcinogenic. The same 12 months, Asbestos Textile Institute acknowledged the fatal implications of asbestos exposure. In 1980, DuPont asked physicians to remove from x-ray stamps the expressed word ‘asbestos,’ which was to be replaced by the word ‘irritant.’ From then on, just a few studies about the topic were performed as the researchers knew what the full total results could be. However, many companies opted to make good on their cover-up to suppress open public knowledge so they could continue to rake in the gains. Continue reading

Antidepressant Reboxetine ineffective: Review By Dr Ananya Mandal.

How will this happen? Vitamin D is normally a steroid hormone, and so is cortisol. Hormones want receptors in the body to perform their magic. The receptors for vitamin D3 are called vitamin D receptors simply. So regardless of how much Supplement D3 we take in, if it can’t discover receptors, it just floats around in the bloodstream with deceptively high D3 blood level counts. Cortisol is also a hormone. It really is a prominent member of the glucocorticoid class of hormones, which diminish VDR capabilities. Therefore, in addition to maintaining or raising vitamin D3 intake, try to sleep regular hours and learn to stress less. D check. Unless you have access to a local laboratory or a trustworthy doctor, there can be an company that can workout home testing with you here. Continue reading

This disorder is one of the category of lymphoproliferative disorders.

The affected lymph node is normally located in chest or abdominal area. This kind of disease is connected with increased threat of lymphoma. However, once the lymph node can be removed, individual is clear of the threat. It affects people belonging to age group 30 to 40 generally. Symptoms and signals: – Symptoms may or may not be present in all individuals. Some symptoms are the following: – 1 Anemia 2. Cough 3. Feeling of fullness in chest 4. Difficulty breathing or swallowing 5. Sudden emergence of lump near throat, armpits or groin Multicentric Castleman disease: – This form of disease is more severe and can be life threatening. Continue reading